Hold on to your hats folks, content distribution is on the move and we’re leading the charge in creating new services to our already amazing over-the-top streaming platform so content creators, studios and producers can stay ahead of the curve.


delivers your Live and On-Demand content to an international audience worldwide secured by world-class protection. Our studio-grade, fully automated workflow uploads, encodes and stores your content completely safe in Microsoft Azure Cloud, where we automatically add the metadata, content protection (DRM), set the pointers for the trailers (no extra copies, saves storage) and transcode on the fly for the right play out of your content to any device anywhere in the world. Integrated secure and discreet payment options, dashboard, reporting, billing, media intelligence & big data, so you always know all the insights of your content. And even more important; your monthly revenue.

Jaw-dropping Inside and out

We push the limits of technology and design to create products that look and function superbly. For us, they come hand in hand.  You can’t have one without the other. It’s all the little things that come together to make the whole. Intuitive designs, precision detailing. All backed up by rock solid performance.
And by creating products of such high calibre, your customers’ enjoyment of them increases too. Which is really what we’re all here for anyway.


This is our own SEXFLIX of the adult industry. Tintl is a well-known, established, subscription based, adult on-demand streaming service. With Tintl end users can stream on-demand unlimited adult content in Full HD for a fixed monthly fee. Like Netflix, but for adult content.

Currently, Tintl boasts an amazing 2.200+ of the highest quality movies from the highest ranked studios with more then 11.000+ scenes. That’s 270.000+ minutes of the highest quality and legal adult content, featuring 69 genres by 79 studios, with over 5.800+ actors and actresses (all 18 years and older). Tintl has all legally required documents for each movie and shares it’s profits with all rightful content owners as agreed upon in our content partner agreements.

TINTL is available on the following devices:

Smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows), Tablets (iOS, Android, Windows), Laptop, PC/Mac, TV’s/set-top boxes, streaming devices with Google Chromecast support or Airplay support, also for Apple TV. Google Chromecast or Airplay does not require an app. You can cast from your Chrome browser (Chromecast) or via the Airplay icon on iOS to cast to your TV or Apple TV. Tintl is also available on Samsung Smart TV’s and Philips Smart TV’s.


Hassle-free with a head start: you want to create your own audience? No problem, faster then the speed of light we will create your own ‘white-labelled shop’. Your own-branded streaming solution, filled with all the Tintl content and all the bells and whistles, like payment, billing, dashboard, management portal. You will get limited skinning, colouring and branding options and the option to upload own content. Just do the marketing and we take care of the rest.

No matter what device they are using, we deliver. Directly from the cloud, secure, flexible, scalable, pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-grow.

Our workflow eats everything, so just upload all your content in any format, we take care of the full monty; storage, encoding, transcoding, metadata, completely ready for the highest quality play out to all devices, reporting, billing, media intelligence, big data and more.


Chop-chop, your own empty shop; if you also want to create your own audience, but without the pre-filled Tintl content from the major studios, but just want to monetize your content or archive to maximize revenues with your own branded streaming platform, that is also a no-brainer for us. We give you the same customization as white-label and specific features can be specially developed. Just upload your own content, do the marketing and we still take care of the rest.