About us

A little about us

Adult Entertainment is a world that’s always evolving. So we’re one step ahead engineering the most advanced video solutions for distribution and licensing across the cloud, broadcasters, operators, satellite, terrestrial, cable, the internet, or hybrids of them all, that our partners and customers enjoy just as much as their users do.

What makes us tick?

We’re here to give you the best of everything. The best white-label end-to-end cloud streaming platform, the best distribution to every device anywhere on the planet, the best licensing deals, the best service, the best hands on support and the best of the rest. So we engineer advanced solutions and the smartest software to create inventive shops of all shapes and sizes that our partners and customers enjoy just as much as their users do.

Our adult vision and missionary statement

The TV world is rapidly changing. And SCREWD is engineering the next generation of distribution and content licensing. You will find our innovations in all connected devices with a browser (with drm), set-top boxes, streamers, Smart TV’s and Native Smart TV, iOS & Android apps. We also engineer hybrid solutions for TV Everywhere, multi-screen, cross platform, interactive, 360, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Live and Video on Demand that work on all devices and platforms.